Machsu Centre

Promoting Maternal and Child Survival

Legal status

Registered by the National Board for NGOs under No.1135.


To create a well-known organization significantly participating in activities to reduce maternal and child mortality.


To provide information ,conduct research and provide services ,and promote maternal and child survival.

Objectives 2008-2014

To initiate and support legal initiatives in reducing maternal and child deaths.

To support and strengthen training of community health workers.

To carry out sensitization workshops for families in maternal and child health.

To initiate and support excreta and rubbish disposal systems in rural and urban areas for families.

To conduct Relevant research in maternal and child health and disseminate results.

To create a moderated website based on high quality and dynamic series of electronic discussion groups on maternal and child health.

To start and operate a Health radio to disseminate information in maternal and child health.

Main Achievements

Training about 1,000 school dropouts (girls about 80-90%) in community health and primary health care.

Publishing the free quarterly YOUR HEALTH Magazine and reporting medical negligence in management of mother and child patients.

Sponsoring at least one needy and well qualified boy / girl for the three year Diploma Course in Clinical Medicine and Community Health every year.

Together with other stake holders ,provide free rubbish disposal in Rubaga Division, Kampala.

Support and conduct research in health care quality assurance , home sanitation ,breast feeding ,family planning ,maternal mortality ,antenatal care, HIV/ AIDs, Malaria, etc.

Focus 2008-2014

1. Provide IEC services to women and children.

2. Identify women and child health needs and solicit and provide support in meeting identified needs.

3. Conduct research:

(i). Maternal and perinatal mortality in Uganda and intervene by for example IEC messages and updates for health workers.

(ii). Baseline studies, train community health workers, let community health workers provide services, and conduct evaluation studies.

(iii). Quality assurance in maternal and child health care.

4. Work with other stakeholders in initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of women and children.

5. Advocate for available, accessible and affordable primary health care for women and children.

Focus Districts

1. Luwero

2. Kampala

3. Kabale

Organizational Structure

Community-based communities

District voluntary Boards of Directors

Headquarter Management Team

Headquarter Board of directors