Medicare Health Professionals College was started in response to the low numbers of mid-level health workers in Uganda.

MHPC was started as a one diploma course school of clinical medicine and community health in 2002, and has expanded to include Laboratory Techniques and Technology, Dental Public Health, Health services management, and Public Health at both certificate and diploma levels.


The highest decision making body is the college council. The college is managed by team made up of the Principal, Academic registrar, Dean of students and Administration coordinators (Accounts, General Duties). The other staff include teaching (tutors and health instructors), and support staff (Administrative secretary, Librarian, Skills coordinator, Security Guards , and cooks). Students have a guild council and fully participate in college activities.

Most theory teaching takes place at the college and practical teaching takes place at our partners’ sites (hospitals, health centers and communities).

It is planned that in feature Medicate Health Professionals College will open branches upcountry in Uganda, upgrading our graduates in other skills e.g. Surgery, and Transforming in a University College.